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Forward Motion
8, 29, 32.

8. A Bad Habit: When I get anxious or start to go low (in mood), I pick endlessly at my hands until they’re all ruined and ugly. You can always tell how my week is going by looking at my hands and fingers.

29. An ambition: I want to raise my own hens someday, very much. I firmly believe in local food and a connection to what you’re consuming, so I want to know that my eggs are coming from somewhere healthy and life-friendly.

32. I am phobic about big/dead things in water. Once, when I was kayaking on a lake, I passed over a massive dead tree - I froze, threw up, and started shaking violently. I sat crying and unable to move until my brother caught up with me and bumped me away from the tree. I didn’t stop hyperventilating for a solid five minutes.

2 years ago on 29 February 2012 @ 11:03pm 2 notes
  1. keithcarsonisronaldstanton said: 32. last night I was watching a DVRed episode of Alaska State Troopers and they showed a dead moose floating in water and it made me very uncomfortable. I feel your pain.
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